Richard P. Hardie II - CTA, CCC, CATA

Professional Travel Consultant and Advisor

Experience the adventure of an unforgettable cruise experience to the Last Frontier - Alaska, and the Inside Passage.

Alaska is fast becoming the most popular destination for first-time cruise travelers but it is also one the very few destinations that cruise travelers return to over, and over again. This is because of the beauty, scenery, natural wilderness, glaciers, history, and cultural immersion, that draws you into the story that is Alaska.

Princess Cruises is the official Destination Expert when it comes to Alaska and they are the only cruise line that is permitted to have their ships enter Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve on EVERY itinerary that includes the park. Princess Cruises is also the only cruise line that owns its own lodges in the Northern regions that support their Cruise Tour programs (sea and land combination experiences). Princess Cruises has set the standard for what the Alaska experience is about and they are continually raising the bar for the other cruise lines to try and achieve.

For this adventure, you will be experiencing your Alaska Inside Passage adventure aboard the Discovery Princess, the newest ship in the fleet and the last of the Royal Class ships to be built. Discovery Princess has been assigned the West Coast of the U.S. as her home and, as a nod to the relationship that Princess Cruises has with Alaska, the names of the main dining rooms have been named after the three key ports of the Inside Passage: Ketchikan, Skagway, and Juneau.

We hope to see you aboard soon, and can't wait to share this wonderful land and experience with you.